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Getting to FABAIC

We are so honored and grateful that a group of local painters volunteer to host an airport shuttle for guests travelling to FABAIC. If you need a ride from the Airport please contact 

Kelly and fill out this form:

Scan this QR Code to add your name to the shuttle list

The shuttle list closes May 10. Please complete the form before then to secure a spot

Click Here or scan below


What to Pack

Think about FABAIC as a creative vacation

here's some packing suggestions

-A condensed version of your kit. Leave room to shop our vendors room. 

-Pens and paper

-face washcloth 

-bathing suit

-comfortable clothes

-a nice outfit for the Gala ( get dressed and feel your best)

-phone charger

-a Disney themed outfit 

-comfortable shoes 

Newbee To FABAIC

Is this your first FABAIC?

Nervous to travel alone?

Not to worry we have FABAIC good ambassadors ready to help you choose classes, show you the ropes, answers questions and help make FABAIC amazing for you. There will also be a new attendee orientation on Wednesday at pm in the gazebo. We will go over everything you need to know to make FABAIC a trip of a lifetime. 



Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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FABAIC classes are an open format. You do not need to pre register for general classes, you are free to attend any classes that interest you. The only classes that require registration are the Pre and Post day intensive workshops. To find out more about Intensive workshops please click here

If you need help choosing classes we have a team of goodwill ambassadors ready to help you choose which classes will help you achieve your creative goals. 

Click Here to View the FABAIC Schedule


What to Bring to Class

There are two types of class styles at FABAIC. Hands on workshops and Demo classes. Hands on workshops are designed for you to paint along and we suggest you bring a condensed version of your kit, a practice face, baby wipes, and paper and pen. Due to space limitations we can not provide live models for students, but we do encourage you to bring a practice board to make the most of the class. The demo classes are 1 hour classes that are geared towards and listen a learn style of education. We invite you to paint along in all classes to get the most out of every class. 

Pictures and Video at FABAIC

Students are permitted to take photos in classes when the instructor permits. Videotaping of classes is prohibited.

FABAIC has an official photographer. We encourage you to visit the FABAIC photo station hosted by Jeff Edney and have your photos taken by a professional. You can by a weekend photo pass to have access to all of your photos or you can take pictures with no obligation. The art that you create at FABAIC is important and we want to share it. Stop by the FABAIC photo station and capture your art by a professional so you can use it for business cards, your website, ads and to show off your talent.  The photo station is located next to the vendors room please stop by and say hello to Jeff and learn more about photo packages.

Pictures means a lot to us at FABAIC. We ask that when you share on your social media that use tag us and or use the hashtags #FABAIC2022 #FABAIC  

What to Wear 

FABAIC is hosted in sunny South Florida. In May temperatures are in the 80's-90's. However all classes are held indoors where air conditioning levels are usually low. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and bring a light jacket in case the air conditioning is too cold for you. 

Welcome Party:

This years theme is It's a Small World which is a hybrid of Disney and the Cultural Art Influences of the world.  We encourage you to dress up in your favorite Disney inspired costume to attend the Welcome Party. We will have prizes for the best dressed and lots of photo opportunities. 


The Gala is your chance to leave with a bang. We invite you to get dressed up, to look your best, to feel your best and party the night away with us.The FABAIC gala is a fabulous party and awards dinner and we want you to look and feel your best.  

Refund Policy:
please read
Planning a convention is VERY hard and costly. We have to book rooms, reserve space, and depend on registrations to plan our event.  A FABAIC registration is non refundable but is transferrable. You can sell or gift your registration, but we can no longer offer a credit at Silly Farm or a refund. 
As of April 1, 2022 cancellations are not eligible for credit. You will have to sell your registration privately. Thank you for understanding. 

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