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Body Painting
Competition Information

2022 FABAIC Competition Theme 

The FABAIC 2022 Body Painting Competition theme is It's a Small World. We encourage you to think outside of the box and create your own interpretation of the theme. Art is a gift and skill that brings the world together and helps us connect from one side of the planet to the other. It's a Small world is also a popular Disney ride where you can enjoy costumes, song, dance, colors and culture. This means you can take you inspiration from your country, Disney, culture, travel, and heritage. We can not wait to see what you create. 

Body Painting Competition Rules

Eligibility:  In order to be eligible for the FABAIC Body Painting Competition, all participants must be 18+, be a registered participant of the convention and have not placed 1st at any national or international body painting competition.


Fee: $75 to register this fee covers your models entrance and Gala ticket plus their goody bag

When: The FABAIC Body Painting Competition takes place on Sunday May 29. Competition begins at 9 am promptly. Artists and models must arrive by 8 am to check in and set up their area.  Artists will have 6 hours to complete their body paintings 

Check-in Times:  All competitors must check in at the competition desk no later than 60 minutes prior to the start of the competition.  You will be allowed into the competition room prior to the start time to set up your station 30 minutes prior to the competition starting.

Time Limits:  Competitors will have 6 hours to complete their design

Judging:  Participants will be judged by a panel of competent and knowledgeable judges. Entrants (and parents of youth competitors) agree that the time, manner and method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the Competition Officials and FABAIC Executive Committee, and the decisions of the Judges Rules Committee will be final in all cases.

A minimum of three (3) judges and one (1) auditor (non-judging monitor) must be present at all competitions to make it a fair and democratic event.  Communication between entrants, friends, parents or instructors with the judges is to be restricted during the competitions.

Judges Rules Committee:  Any discrepancies or questions which may arise relating to judging procedures, results, awards, etc. shall be referred to the Judges Rules Committee for consideration and deliberation.  The decisions of the Judges Rules Committee will be final in all cases.


*Body Painting Teams may consist of three (3) members, all participants MUST be 18+ years of age: A team consist of 1 Artist & 1 Model (1 assistant is optional, but not necessary). Artists must provide their own models and all participants MUST be over the age of 18.

*Models may NOT assist in painting. Models MAY apply mascara, nails, contacts, wigs and false eyelashes only.

*Assistants are limited to basecoat painting, stenciling background, assisting with application of bling, styling hair/wig and application of false nails/lashes.


NOTE: “Detail work” is defined as using anything smaller than a #12 round, 2” flat, kabuki brush, body brush or a standard size sponge to apply paint. Airbrushes may not be used by assistants.

Drawing and outlining with glitter gel is detail work.  Applying designs/patterns in body glue for glitter, mica, etc. is considered detail work.

Any assistant using a brush smaller then the brushes indicated above (for work other than nail polish/prosthetic adhesive application or spot “bling” application) or airbrush, will be viewed as doing “detail work” and will be removed from the competition area for 30 minutes. No exceptions. If the assistant does “detail work” again, they will again be removed for another 30 minutes.

When in doubt, team members should ask first.


*All participants must sign, submit and have on file release forms with the Competition Committee.


*Anything not specifically on the “Approved for use” list may not be used and could result in a loss of points or complete disqualification.

*Competitors must supply all necessary equipment and products including paints, brushes, water buckets and any other tools and supplies needed to achieve your designs. If you require power/outlet, you must identify your need at time of competition registration.


Materials, Items, Supplies and Equipment Approval List for Body Painting Competition

Approved for use

Brush and sponge

False eyelashes (Application is authorized only during the competition and may be applied by artist, assistant or model)
Glue made exclusively for use on skin
gems, gemstones, glitter and pressed powders
Color hairspray (please give notice to competition team before spraying, due to fumes and overspray) and wigs
Contact lenses (May be inserted prior to competition)

Wigs, Headpieces and false hair pieces


Stencils & Transfers**

Glitter gel

Prosthetics –Must be painted during the competition. (Rules on assistants and brush sizes applies.)

FDA compliant paint, ink or sealant


Not approved to be used during competition 
Any type of decal, slide transfer or metal/flash “tattoo”

Not approved for skin paints ( acrylic, permanent markers)


Special Requests and or Permission:
Masks or mask pieces applied (with adhesive) on the face. Masks can be used in performance, but will not be considered in judging.
Make-up of any kind may not be applied prior to the start of the competition.
Nail Polish (application in competition area)

Any fixed costuming wider than 3 feet across (total, not each side) and any fixed, floating or expandable costuming/headpiece exceeding 6.5 feet height from the floor.

Non-traditional footwear (stilts, footwear with wheels, etc.) will require approval from competition team no less than 2 days prior to competition.


If you’re not sure of a specific products or if you still have questions please reach out and ask


Photos - All artists and models must be available for picture taking after the competition by convention photographer and convention attendees.  All artists and models must sign release forms upon registration. FABAIC has the right to publish and use the images for promotional and marketing purposes.

Misconduct - Any misconduct or use of profane language on the part of any parent, entrant or spectator is prohibited.  Poor sportsmanship i.e., Booing, jeering, foul language, etc. will not be tolerated.  There is to be no loud noise in the competition rooms under any circumstances, except to give applause and accolades to all the competitors at the end of competitions.  Disqualification and or penalties will be taken off final scores for misconduct.


Emergency Protocol: In the case of a medical emergency, the competition director will direct all teams to cease activity. The suspended time will be added to original scheduled end time, so teams will have a total of 6 hours total to work.

Protest Procedures
Any individual wishing to file a protest must do so in accordance with the following provisions:

  *Protests must be within 1 hour of the alleged violation.
  *Protest must be filled in writing and signed with the name of the individual submitting the protest; in addition, the individual filling the protest must give full name, address and phone number.
*Protests must be based on a violation of the rules and regulations of the competition.  Judging results will be final in all cases and cannot be protested.
*All protests must be submitted to and adjudicated by the Judges Rules Committee whose decision will be final in all cases.


**Transfers: Line design transfers using hectographic pencils/pens, surgical pens, alcohol or gel deodorant is acceptable. No transfer may be used that is not skin application safe/approved.

other important FABAIC Competition information

Artists will be given 6 hours to complete their body art piece. After the competition, you will be taken for pictures and models MUST remain in the competition room until the Gala begins. We recommend that you use the time to freshen up and get ready for the gala. Models will then be lined up to present your art to the guests for People's Choice Voting, they will then be escorted behind the stage to line up. Models will present your art on the stage catwalk in front of the audience. Once all the models walk the cat walk they will be able to attend the gala and sit with you at your table and eat dinner. We want modeling at FABAIC to be an enjoyable experience, so we kindly ask that you speak to your model about what is expected of them. We also encourage them to attend the modeling meeting hosted by Marianne Bartley to familiarize themselves with the body competition experience. Modeling is not an easy task, we recommend that you pack snacks, drinks, and work with your model to create a comfortable atmosphere. A happy model will make your art come alive. 

If you need a model for the competition please reach out the Modeling director Marianne Bartley and she will do her best to find you a great model. 

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The grand prize for the 2022 Body Painting Competition is $1000 cash , trophy, plus a gift basket 

2nd and 3rd prizes will receive a trophy plus product prizes 

We encourage you to participate in competition

Register for Competition Today

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