FABAIC, Face painting, face paint, body painting, body art
FABAIC, Face painting, face paint, body painting, body art

Welcome to the 2014 FABAIC Competition Pages!
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Body Painting Competition
$1500. First Place
$500. Second Place
3rd Place Artist kit donated by Superstar

Advanced Face Painting
$500. First Place
$100. Second Place and Prize donated by Superstar
3rd Place Trophy

Face Painting
$250. First Place
2nd Place Trophy and Prize Donated by Superstar
3rd Place Trophy

This year we are pleased to announce Kat Beringer as the 2014 Competition Director and Kervin Queliza, Director Assistant.

Every year we are amazed at the level of artwork that comes to light at the FABAIC. Last year was no exception. The Face Painting Competitions and the Body Painting Competition brought inspiration and smiles to all. The reactions online after posting images to the FABAIC website, Facebook Pages, Forums and Social Networking have taken the world by storm and we are so pleased to be able to offer this experience to FABAIC attendees in 2014.

The Theme for ALL FABAIC 2014 Competitions: TWISTED FAIRY TALES.

New Face Painting Competitions - Saturday Night 8:00PM - 10:00PM
"Face Painting for Everyone"
Sponge and Brush Only.
This Face Painting Competition includes Novice, Semi and Pro bundled together.
Youth & Children's competitions will be held seperately.

"Advanced Face Painting" Competition will be
Sponge, Brush, Airbrush and Prosthetics
Last Year the Monster Mash-up was such a success, the FABAIC Competition Commitee just had to bring it back! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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FABAIC 2014 Body Painting Competition - Sunday 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Enter for your chance to win cash, trophies and prizes!

Don't be afraid to compete in the body painting competition.
Compete for the joy of testing your limits, applying what you have learned, and most of all just be creative and have fun!
The FABAIC competition is geared to teach you how to compete, to deal with time limits, deadlines, rules and pressure! Learn what it is like to be judged and hire and work with a model. Competing at the FABAIC offers a great opportunity to learn, so you can feel more confident in other competitions worldwide.
We listened to your feedback and understand your concerns about competing against instructors. Not all instructors win! More often new talents have won in the past and then moved on to become instructors at FABAIC or other events. Keep in mind all our instructors are not body painters!
The purpose of Competition is first and foremost, FUN!

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All Awards will be presented on Sunday at the Awards Gala 2014

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